Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hammock Hugs

Remember in my last post when I said "No, I do not just sit in a hammock all day"? Well, that may no longer be true. Today, after reading in the hammock on the dock, I came back to the main lodge to receive an awesome surprise. There is now a hammock right in my room!! It's the perfect height to see the 180 degree jungle view around me, blue, and of course very comfy.
I thanked Lloyd and Sue for the new treat, and also warned them (from the hammock) I may never get out of it. I'm even writing this post from the hammock!

A special happy birthday to my dad! 
Feliz cumpleaños Papa! Espero que tengas un día maravilloso, con un montón de vino tinto para olvidar la edad que tengas!

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