Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Blog Overhaul

I've hardly been writing on this blog over the past year... as you may have noticed. Instead I've enjoyed being a hermit. Keeping mostly to myself this year has been a time of replenishing, of staying in one place. (Well staying in the continent at least.) I've only done 6 small trips this year; The Road Trip through the U.S. that I started writing about, then Toronto, another road trip, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg.

I've still been recording the books I've read here, but haven't added any descriptions or reviews yet... oops!

I feel like the hermit veil is lifting though... So came the blog overhaul! The background picture is one taken while walking in snowshoes on lake Superior.

Post's to come:
My colourful hair
Throwback Thursday posts
Whimsical Wednesdays

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