Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pink Flamingo Hair

I use to be a brunette, and once upon a time (circa 2008) I bleached my brown locks from a box so it was an awesome orange, and then covered it in Manic Panic electric blue. It only lasted a few weeks but from then on I wanted to grow my hair as long as it would go and dye it a whole bunch of colours.

I left it long for a while, and when I was traveling I didn't have time or money to waste on hair care. This year was finally the time! I went professional for the bleaching and trusted Sal at Violet Blonde to take me as blond as he could. Sal has seen my many hair transitions, from super long to pixie short, and he always makes my hair look amazing. He had my complete trust and I loved the blonde he managed to get me to. 

I let it stay blonde for a few weeks but when my roots started to come it, it was time for the pink!

I started with Manic Panic Cotton Candy. Placing it sparingly in highlights so it peaked through my hair. It was nice to start with but I quickly started adding more until I wanted something more vibrant.

I got Manic Panic Fuschia Shock,  Hot Hot Pink, another Cotton Candy and went to work mixing colours and layering for an ombre effect.

The Fuschia shock was completely overpowering though...

The ombre effect was hardly noticeable until after a few washes. Then the lighter pinks started to wash out completely. That's when I learned you could mix colours with conditioner and place all over, to restore the colour. That's when the ombre really came through.
Then I was kinda over it with the pink washes and an annoying patch of fuschia would not let up. So I redid my roots and did an all over bleach at Curl Up 'N' Dye
Now I have a new blank canvas to try out...

Purple's next!

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