Saturday, August 16, 2008

Best Fireworks

Last night was the fiesta of August 15th where there´s a parade with the Virgin that goes through the whole town. The Virgin (a statue b.t.w.) Then gets put on a boat and goes around the three rocks and returns safely to shore. Meanwhile there´s a half hour long fireworks show which is so awesome that one of the rocks always catches on fire. The castle lights up the sky is full of sparkle. It´s great. I hung out with my Abuela and older aunt and uncle for this one. It was good fun!


  1. Alex says:

    Wow, look at your hair hun!!
    I'm just catching up on your posts now - sounds like you're having a blast - of course you are!!
    Thanks for writing. :)

  2. y'know why they're having a fiesta? because that was my birthday ;)

  3. haha, I thought that when you said virgin, you some virgin chick is put on one of those cleopatra beds and four muscly guys parade her around.