Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So I was looking at the pole thing over that way >>>>
and it says to talk more about Family...
Family´s great :) My Abuela is an excellent cook and loves her children. We went to the supermarket together and we were looking for some yogurt for Luis and she was very strict about which type and brand he likes. I was thinking well what´s the difference really it´s all yogurt. Then I realized that she takes that much care with me and my food choices (which at the moment some see as daunting and like me she just sees it as fact, right now Sam likes this and not that). It made me really appreciate how attentive she is especially when it comes to food. She really cares and I really love being able to spend time with her. I also love her food (yum Yum) She´s not really a very touchy feely kind of person. When we were walking to the fireworks I was runbbing her back a bit and she was pretty determined that she didn´t like it. So i´ve just been trying to spring as many hugs on her while i´m here.

My Tia Laura is funny, very much a routine kind of person. I´m organized usually but never really had a routine. My only routine is that every day is different. After every meal we clean up and i don´t mean just wash the dishes, there´s sweeping and mopping involved too. There´s a cup of chamomile tea always before bed. Lunch is at about 2:10 and she changes into cooler clothes and we all eat together and my Tia and Abeula discuss latest gossip. My Tia is really sweet too though, just very into her routine. She´s pretty easy to talk to once in relaxing mode. The other day we went to put gas in her car. I got to wash her car with this superly strong hose in the shape of a machine gun. It was really fun. Then together we walked around. Found some nice clothes at a really great price. I haven´t been wearing any jewelery at all and so every night she tries to put something on me and I told her i liked her earings. Very simple silver studs, and so now I have a pair. (Don´t think i´ll take them off) She notices the details. You don´t have to say much to say a lot. She always askes too ¨do you understand that¨ even to other Spanish people. I think I do that a lot too usually so I realized I get that from her.

Well almost time for lunch, I think i´m going to check out an art store around the corner i really have been craving a chance to paint.

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  1. Aw, that sounds so great. I'm so happy you got the chance to reconnect with your family. They sound lovely!