Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So I went up to the look out point and it was a really great view to do yoga but all these tourists kept on coming up. From that height though I saw an area of beach that looked very nice and secluded. So I climbed all the way back down manoeuvred my way to the awesome space and layed out my towel. Really nice little pocket of beach, really only room for one yoga-er. There were a couple people passing by wondering what the hell I was doing but I ignored them and continued on. Then just as I was getting into my favorite pose that needs a lot of my focus because there´s a lot of balancing involved this couple walks by really close with their wet dog. They then do not notice my ´only space for one glare´ and decide to lay out their own towel. I was being calm and focused thinking well they´ll just go into the water and let me be. But the woman sits down and lights a cigarette. So my zen was no more :( So I quickly finished and left. I miss my considerate Canadians...

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