Sunday, August 10, 2008

Operation: Pack LIght!

I have to say that I packed light!! (and the crowd goes wild... that's you) My pack weighs in at just over 20lbs. I'm crossing my fingers, but not holding my breath that I can take it as a carry on. I leave in less then 24hours... and of course I can't sleep so instead i'll share my itinerary...
Touch down in Madrid, Spain at noon (Spain time). I then take a bus to a small town called Almunecar where my Abuela lives 3min walking distance from the ocean. Stay there for about 15 days then it's off to Granada (only a couple hours away) for 5/6days. I go to Madrid from there and spend 2days with family and then pay a quick visit to Barcelona to see the chocolate museum and the house of Antoni Gaudi. Overnight train takes me to Paris for a day and then Karlsruhe, Germany keeps me for a weekend. Monday morning it's back to Paris to spend a day with Micheline and visit the flea market. Same day at 6pm (France time) I take the underground chunnel to London for 4 days and then on the 12th of September I'm flying back into Toronto around 2:35pm (home time).

Oh and the 'Bon Voyage' party was so much fun! Thanks for the send off everyone!

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  1. dear sam,

    I hope your trip is going well so far! Keith and stella got some new food today, it's supposed to be better and healthier for them. I also bought them some feeder fish but they seem reluctant to eat them... almost like they just wanted some new friends... so now the tank has 2 turtles and 6 feeder goldfish... I'm like a shelter now! good thing is, they eat the dead flesh from the turtles and they eat the leftover food... so once the turtles are big enough, they'll eat bigger fish!

    anyhoo, I'm out for now! hope you're having a blast!