Tuesday, September 27, 2011

oh lala Paris

It's been amazing weather in Paris, it's better than summer with clear skies and a consistent 25-26 C

After a day of walking around and having coffee I went back to my hostel for a siesta and got invited by new roommates, Steph and Micaela to a place nearby: the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. It's truly a great view. There, you are able to see all of Paris. On the way up we saw a 'Next Top Model' van for (maybe?) Russia with a nearby photo shoot being done on the carousel. On our way back down when all was clear we took some 'model' photo's of our own.

Later that night I took the gals to a bar that was recommended to me, marlusse et lapin, at montmartre. Steph pointed out that it was in the 18th district, the exact district you're not supposed to go to as it's 'red light' but all the reviews were good and it was four of us together. (Daniela who is now in Barcelona joined us after a hostel meal of instant dinner)
It was a Super Bock time! 
With 3euro beers and a free shot, vintage sewing machine on a table, bed turned into a bench by middle partition. We had a good laugh at the sexy shops on our way back to hostel-home.

Yesterday I read a french paper with my coffee and took a wrong/right turn onto Glamour avenue where all the amazing fancy shops are. I've decided you can tell what kind of area you are in by looking at the price of shoes. Here there was an average of 5,000e for shoes and 15,000e for a purse. I didn't go inside as it was such a nice day just to window shop and really I am very accident prone and have a fear of breaking something if I try it on for fun. I wrote down shops to fill my pinterest with later and did stop into HermesA highlight of my day was being followed into a sandwich shop by a fashion student who asked how I did my hair, who then pointed me to the Colette a very cool design shop where all up-and-comers want to have displays. (For you Torontonians it's like Holts meets Urban Outfitters on Queen)
It's Fashion week in Paris and you have to be invited... so if anyone has an invite just laying around I'd be happy to take it off your hands.

Later we took Daniela up on her recommendation of wine in front of the Eiffel Tower which was a check mark on the Must do in Paris experiences. Before I blinked there was a group of twelve of us from all over the world watching the light show, enjoying good 3euro wine.

Well after midnight some of us sought after hours food and I'm happy to report theres a falafel shop just five minutes from the hostel that I sniffed out. (Complete with an after-hours bar a few doors south)

a bientot xox

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paris Finalement

So I'm in Paris I'm just kind of shaking my head a lil and laughing.

Here's my day so far:

As I was on the metro (from Charlles du Galle to Gare du nord) a young, brown french man came into the metro car with an orange box that turned out to be a big speaker complete with a wireless mic. He sang some very popular Spanish songs that I recognize. (It took me a while to realize he was singing Spanish though, so try to imagine the accent...) With a pre-recorded track, almost a mixed karaoke back-up. It was so bad it was good. I kind of wish he had a cd. Very movie moment of a soundtrack as I watched Paris through my window.

Made it to the hostel all good and well. Staying at Le Regent Hostle Montmarte. I changed into my dress because the weather is amazing today. What do I find outside once I'm changed and all ready to go? THE FLEA MARKET! Directly in front of the hostel!
I came to Paris on a Sunday years back, with the intention of meeting up with Micheline and going to the flea market. There's something about them I just love and find charming. It didn't end up working out last time though, even though I planned and planned it just didn't work out that day. This I didn't even plan and its exactly what I would have asked for.

Best find: Black lace badminton rackets

Just took a break from the market for lunch and I happily stumbled upon a cheap sandwich and coffee shop with free wi-fi.

so far so good!

Ps. Flight was smooth sailing in the sky. I commandeered a window seat that was three free seats in a row. I had a pillow and sleeping mask courtesy of Kate and Jus (thanks!). Plus I already saw the movie 'Water for Elephants' with Derek a few months back. No distractions, slept well.