Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hair Cut

So I got to Almuñecar at 6am and the first thing that was scheduled for me was a trip to the hairdresser. My hair is now super short and brown. Great for this weather because it dries so fast.

My Abuela loves pushing food on me all the time and now that i´m vegan (no animals, no animal by-products) she doesn´t really know what to do so as i eat she surrounds the table with more and more fruit. Nothing tastes better then fruit from a family garden in Spain :)

I realized this morning where I get my strong sense of curiosity from, my Abuela. Every second especially when it has something to do with food she´s asking what i´m doing and why I am choosing to do it the way that. Curious, curious.


  1. Ah,la pobre abuelita still following you around trying to feed you... 18 years ago I was following your abuela around trying to confiscate her secret stashes of the chocolate she fed you for breakfast, trying to prevent her from feeding you the spoonfuls of sugar she insited necessary 'por los osos" - to make your bones strong. The circle is the same. Me following her following you feeding you chocolate and sweets and fruit. Then the beat of music would change and she would follow me as I followed you trying to feed you fruit and fish and cheerios... Thank goodness you learned to feed yourself. You sound happy. I'm happy too. Wish I was there. Love Mom xoxoo

  2. Lol - sammy i'm loving these posts! Tres amusing, and making me more envious by the second, as i sit in the uni library ....
    Keep 'em coming! I need my fix... i miss you so much already (how cliche, but incredibly true.)
    Thanks soooo much for the phone call when you landed... it meant a ton.
    Be safe, and love lots.
    xxoo. Who else - Katie