Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So I love quotes and sayings so i´ll share some that i´ve learned here in Spain

The funniest I would have to say would be ´Edad del Pavo´ which literally translates to the age of a turkey hahaha ´gobble gobble´ um... you say this when someone´s being really whiny or having a temper-tantrum.

I was yawning a lot and my Ti told me ¨tiens mas sueño que dinero¨ The literal translation is you have more sleep then money. I hope you get the jist because it´s odd to translate.

¨Mas vale pajaro en mano que ciento volando¨ One bird in the hand is worth more then a hundred flying.

You say this next one when someone says they didn´t say what you are sure they said. For example person A say ¨buy the white one¨ Person B buys the white one and tells person A then person A say ´I never said that¨ Donde dije digo, digo Diego. Try saying that ten times fast and remember j is pronounced h ;)

And an alternative to telling someone to be quite... ¨En boca cerada no entran moscas¨ Bugs don´t fly into a closed mouth.

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  1. ha! bugs don't fly into a closed mouth. I'm going to use that one.