Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A New Kind of Adventure

So folks, I'm on a new kind of adventure. I didn't quite realize how much I missed my blog until a friend's Dad started one that made me laugh:

I'm on an adventure and I'm in one place - what a concept. I've traded in my 'ready to escape at any time bag' for a house. I don't know the next plane I'll jump on, not even mild plans in the works and I'm not hyperventilating. I'm happy.

I found a way to make travel and living in one place work out well in Thunder Bay for the past three years. With my frugal lifestyle at home I afforded travel once every three months. It's not posted here but I went to the United States, around Canada & Spain. I figured out how to just make it part of my lifestyle. I'm not afraid that I'm going to lose it, or that travel will somehow not pull me in anymore. Discovering places and people will always give me that special adrenaline.

So here I am, back in blogosphere. This lighthearted way of writing, making writing errors, and being candid. I've gotten more serious with my writing the past few years and (as I sigh and roll my eyes) I want to get serious about submitting more, but I also want a break from formalities and reconnect.

So back to this adventure: we've taken the plunge into investment.
(I say WE happily too! It's taken a long time to stuff that word into my vocabulary).


  1. Sam! It's great to see you blogging again. Update as soon as you can otherwise how else will I keep tabs on you?

    1. Thanks Laura! I look forward to posting more. Where in the world are you living these days?