Monday, October 10, 2011

How 25km became 16km...

We only made 16km today but as they say:
"You never know what you'll encounter
on the camino"
Today the temperature went past 30degrees and it was a completely cloudless sky. We encountered Milu agian today and upon mentioning a hurt toe her owner became El Doctor. Being an avid hiker he has come across many a foot injury and before we knew it Alex was whispering to me "I never thought a Spanish man would be massaging my foot in a park"

"You never know what you'll encounter
on the camino"

I was a translating expert by the end of it all and we left Milu and El Doctor (we don't actually know his name, I figured out Milu by her tag. Names aren't often exchanged on the camino, guess we're all just Pilgrims) to finish drying his clothes in the park. (Alex stubbed her toe in Paris and the walk has caused some painful inflamation but we we're assured it's normal and with tylonol and proper bandages will heal nicely)

I stopped at the Correos/PostOffice today to send my extra sleeping pad to Almu├▒ecar along with my cribbage board. Lost almost 1 kilo! Then ate some good food in a park in Nejera. Leaving Nejera was Beautiful. We walked beside red mountain sides. There was a big group of butterflies of all colours. Then we past the butterflies and came across annoying flies and came up with the "What am I?!? A..." go back and forth listing all things flies swarm around... 1km of enjoyment and laughs. (I'm sure you can think of a few) Then we got distracted by some animal sounds. At first we couldn´t tell if they were sheep or cows or a person but deduced that it was indeed a barn. We walked up close to it and as we slowly slinked away. The large door rolled open slowly and loudly...

"You never know what you'll encounter
on the camino"

A dog and 250 sheep poured out along with a sheep herder. So after a few snaps of our camera and gawking as the inexperienced herder tried to gather his flock we quickly became sheep heardresses. For just under a kilometer I chatted with the newbie herder as we marched with his flock. They were headed to a nearby farm to eat potaoes. We were very happy with the divine timing and were pretty much beside ourselves. A lady passed us a bit later...
Lady "So, you´re not hearding sheep anymore?"
Me "No, but that was such amazing timing!!"
Lady"Well it was crap timing on my part. I had to walk and try to dodge all their sh*t"
 I could not stop laughing as she walked on past, poor lady...

The camino really is different for everyone.

Other animals we have seeon on the road:
-Giant black slugs, some with a red underbelly
-Horses and their babies (one white horse came out of nowhere and majestically came to greet us)
-Goats, kids
-Sheep (obviously)
-Cats, kittens
-Barbarians (those really loud obnoxious people who ruin my morning)
-Birds (Sparrows, Vultures, Swans, Ducks)


  1. What on Earth is a Pny?

  2. oops haha a pony!
    Just saw some lobster babies today too!