Saturday, October 15, 2011

Feeling free in Burgos

The majority of yesterday and today was spent in Burgos exploring the Cathedral, the museum of human evolution and the camping store (MEC meets COSTCO kinda place). Great destinations if you happen to be headed to Burgos.
It's been a little more difficult to access internet lately but honestly I don't really miss it. Yesterday I had a moment of walking around Burgos with no real adgenda and so many days to spare I felt quite free.

The day before yesterday was a day of solo walking through an enchanting forest then a steep uphill over very rugged terrain and meeting up at a wonderful alburgue where I spent most of the evening traslating between the Spanish and English. It happens to be my newfound job which I accept with enthusiasm. It was the nicest Albergue we have stayed in with the best dinner we've shared. There, we met two Australians who we've been pleased to walk with. Alex's map had a special detour to the city of Burgos which we've gladly shared with many other pilgriams. Apparently the walk to Burgos through industrial sprawl is the worst stretch of the whole Camino. We got to walk through a nice forested park along a popular river. I put my feet in the water and caught a mini lobster (photo proof to come). It was a great walk and a great time around Burgos.

I'm pretty tired now so that's all for today! A week of flat terrain to come!

Most exciting news: I have given myself the award of super-fast-backpack-packer along with smallest pack. I was really happy when I figured out how to fold my sleeping bag so it could fit into my pack.
Note* this is not to be confused with lightest pack, we have come to realize size does not mean weight!

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