Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stumbled upon where the obsession started

I was looking for I can't quite remember what, and it brought me to journals from a few years back. Where I stumbled upon journal entries with "the Louvre" in big letters. Sketches of the Eiffel tower. "Live in Paris" written over and over. I have been drawing this out for four years+. I know I really fell in love with the Louvre after watching something on TV.

During World War II the museum was cleared of most absolutly everything (except things that were too heavy) and put in secret hiding places all around the world. After the war everything was returned!

I just thought that was so absolutely beautiful. All of that art was saved by the virtue of so many people in such a ferociously destructive time. And not only was it preserved it all was returned! I just have to sit there and feel that space. That is a level of trust and harmony that is not often achieved.

Then, there's the volume of pieces! If you spent one minute. Only a minute on each piece it would still take you a year to see everything (that's only factoring in time to sleep). That many pieces put into hiding and all returned. It's not ten of your closest friends holding onto your most valuable possessions, but the whole world.

Come on, that's awesome.