Monday, August 25, 2008

Quick blasts of update

- Went to my Tia Juana´s house, such an amazing house with a great view. Saw the biggest avocado of my life.
- Walking back to Abuelas house I just remembered my Tio Pepe and was asking my Tia Laura ¨doesn´t tio Pepe live right around here?¨She said oh no he lives farther that way, pointing somewhere. Then we turned the corner and low and behold there was Tio Pepe :) He´s really light hearted and I can see a bit of my dad in him. I think the next time my dad gets frustrated i´ll say ¨what would Tito Pepe do?¨
- A typical conversation between me and my Abuela:
Me in front of the stove a good distance away slouching moving stuff in a frying pan. My Abuela pats my tummy so I think this means to stand up straight. ¨no no, don´t stand so close to the stove, you can burn yourself, see I burned myself¨ she shows me a faint line on her stomach. Then I ask in shock as how anyone could burn themselves this way ¨how did you burn yourself?¨ ¨well with the iron, so don´t get to close to the stove¨
- English friends went back to England saw them off at the bus to Malaga
- I bought more sun cream today...
- Thanks for all the comments everyone :)
- I´ll be going off to Granada tomorrow
- OH yeah! My tia Laura had something of a swollen eye from a bug or something and she was saying yeah mines gone now but Tio Andres has one. So I asked her well how did you get rid of it? and she said ¨well I used a medicine and Maria del Mar who´s pregnant blew on it¨ :)
- Love and miss you all!!


  1. R u impressed - your dzadzi posted a comment to your blog

  2. Granada - here you come!! Wheeee!