Thursday, August 14, 2008


So I hung around Madrid for a day and here are some things I noticed
1. Arrows on signs. So In Toronto you see a picture like ´metro or ttc´with an arrow pointing up, as if to say ¨keep forging ahead, onward and upward¨ well in Madrid the arrow to continue is down facing. I guess as if to say únder this sign is the passageway´

2. The metro is nice. It´s clean, it´s simple and easy to use the only wierd part is the chime to close the door... In Toronto it´s do-do-doo-do almost sing song. On the metro in Madrid it sounded like the music you hear in a horror movie before something bad happens.

3. People whistle, for no reason

4. The architecture is really something. There´s so much detail. If it´s not the around the window it´s on the julite balcony.

Madrid was neat, it was the first time visiting it on my own, seeing where my feet took me. I went to the big park that starts with an r but can´t remember the name of now. Met a nice Argentinian who I shared my pick0nick with. Takled about travel and napped a bit in the grass we figured it was saffer with two. All in all a good but tireing day :)

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