Saturday, August 16, 2008

what I see

So i´ve only gotten one response to the ¨what do I need to talk more about¨ on the right had side so that way >>>>
And it says to talk more about the sights...
It´s quite beautiful here all the white houses. The Beach has lots of rocks and not to much sand. The water two days ago was pretty perfect. Clear to see the bottom no matter how far you go out and perfect temperature. A little chilly once you first dive in but a nice get away from the sun. There are a few more buildings but everything is pretty much the exact same since the first time I remember coming here (9ish years ago?) I really love it here. Everyone walking at a slow pace. Part of the side walk near where my Tia works is all dug up because they´re putting in another underground parking. That used to be my favorite stretch to walk along... well more about the sights later!

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