Saturday, August 30, 2008

Melting from heat a little

So i´ve just been relaxing in Granada. Last day today and then tomorrow off to Madrid. It´s been so hot it´s easy to do absolutely nothing. The temperature ranges from a normal 34ish to 42 Celsius. There´s really great places to walk and really nice people. I saw my cousin Fany act in two different classical plays. Garcia Lorca is like the Spanish Shakespeare or so i´m told. He wrote some really great works. Foods good, Vegetarian tapas are apparently hard to come by but haven´t had any problems. I know the gyspys this time so i haven´t been attacked with the outcome of my future. (They prey on tourists, grab their hand, give them a sprig of rosemary and then demand payment for the fortune they just told and insist that coins are bad luck) I had a close call with them last time :) Oh I visited the Cathedral. I was impressed. I had been walking by it so many times, it looked pretty plane an regular and then I went inside and was wowed. Really pretty. Took some photos but this computer wont upload them for me :P So just taking it easy in Granada, looking forward to the cooler weather of France and Germany.
Ciao, love Sam

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