Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paris Finalement

So I'm in Paris I'm just kind of shaking my head a lil and laughing.

Here's my day so far:

As I was on the metro (from Charlles du Galle to Gare du nord) a young, brown french man came into the metro car with an orange box that turned out to be a big speaker complete with a wireless mic. He sang some very popular Spanish songs that I recognize. (It took me a while to realize he was singing Spanish though, so try to imagine the accent...) With a pre-recorded track, almost a mixed karaoke back-up. It was so bad it was good. I kind of wish he had a cd. Very movie moment of a soundtrack as I watched Paris through my window.

Made it to the hostel all good and well. Staying at Le Regent Hostle Montmarte. I changed into my dress because the weather is amazing today. What do I find outside once I'm changed and all ready to go? THE FLEA MARKET! Directly in front of the hostel!
I came to Paris on a Sunday years back, with the intention of meeting up with Micheline and going to the flea market. There's something about them I just love and find charming. It didn't end up working out last time though, even though I planned and planned it just didn't work out that day. This I didn't even plan and its exactly what I would have asked for.

Best find: Black lace badminton rackets

Just took a break from the market for lunch and I happily stumbled upon a cheap sandwich and coffee shop with free wi-fi.

so far so good!

Ps. Flight was smooth sailing in the sky. I commandeered a window seat that was three free seats in a row. I had a pillow and sleeping mask courtesy of Kate and Jus (thanks!). Plus I already saw the movie 'Water for Elephants' with Derek a few months back. No distractions, slept well.


  1. did you deface any washroom paraphernalia in montmatre or tell any snootie waiters off?.... oh montmartre mon amour...
    so glad you are good ma chérie...

  2. @Miche
    Haha, No haven't had to yet. Lots of supermarket buys and baguette sandwiches have kept me away from restaurants like that one. Ah, that was such a silly day with you. But really when are we not silly?