Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today I love Paris

Wow Paris, you are actually a nice place to be.
I found a cool hotel with a great cafe that has wi-fi. I'm sipping wine across the street from a flower shop and eating I'm not sure what but it's tasty and it was just brought to my table, yum.
I have a French lesson at 8pm and today I discovered there's a cinema 5 minutes from my house.
Today is a good day.

Not all my days have been so superb. Don't get me wrong I am enjoying the city, my new job and it's great to spend time with all the fun people I've been meeting.
The downers have been that I miss Toronto. I think I miss it even more because it's been such an effort to get in touch. My internet connection has been limited, my headphones weren't working for skype, it's taken me a month to have access to my own bank account and my own money, so I haven't been willing to splurge on anything. Not to mention getting used to the crazy hours that I work. Moving is hard when you know the city. Settling into a new city is a whole different ball game.

Yesterday I walked around aimlessly and found a community center and library so I'm starting to feel more at home in my 'New Bourgeoisie' area. Walking is probably the activity I like best so it was nice to just take time to discover the area at my pace.

This photo is from the other night after work; I went for drinks with my co-workers, had crepes and walked to Saint-Michel, crossing the Seine and getting a nice view of the Notre Dame as the sun was creeping in. 

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  1. Sounds fantastic! Don't forget to visit Shakespeare and Company bookstore/library in the 5th. It's maybe the most magical place in Paris (and has wifi too!).