Friday, February 3, 2012

Paris (Week 3)

I'm living in Paris. So far I get giddy buying baguettes, chocolate croissants and pastries. The name 'bread-face' may follow me from Spain if I'm not careful (My Abuela stuffed me full of bread and cookies in Spain and they started calling me cara-pan or bread-face) I'm just outside Paris with a job in the centre of Paris. It seems I was a little over zealous and now I have a job, a part-time job, an apartment and a back-up apartment.
I have a Paris phone number but I can't figure out how to unlock my Spanish phone. Truly I don't mind not having a phone or internet in my apartment. It's really nice to just have some silence. As much as I love being a social butterfly I'm also part loner and hermit at heart. I more often seek solitude and quite places.
Yesterday I just cleaned my new apartment and walked around Paris by myself. Enjoying my first official day off where I didn't have to move house or work.
I like both my jobs and the apartment is so big it allows for an easel and a yoga mat. If I'm here long enough I'll have to get a sewing machine.
I've been contemplating a quick trip to Toronto. I miss everyone and I am homesick for the comfort that only a home town can give. As fun as exploring is I don't really want to explore for where to do laundry. As much as having no clean clothes is a great excuse to buy new clothes, I don't have the funds right now to keep doing that everyday. Although being a well trained bargain hunter (thanks Babi) I've found some amazing deals and spent less then 50€ on a new sweater, jeans, top, work clothes, pjs, leg warmers, leggings.
It is COLD in Paris this week. It actually snowed to nobodies delight but mine. The flurries didn't even touch the ground but it made me really happy. I missed snow.
As slowly as I try to sip my coffee it's at its end which only means one thing, time to seek out that laundromat...

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