Thursday, February 16, 2012

Living in Paris

So it's been a little surreal to realize I've been here for a month. Having met a great group of new friends at work I'm getting to dive right into the city. I've been to an art exhibit of a famous Parisian photographer, been introduced to some nice vintage shops, not to mention a great sangria place and a Canadian bar for poutine when I get homesick.
I am already practicing my french every day and have an art class and dance class in the works to start once my pay check comes in.
All I'm missing is a yoga mat but I feel pretty set up.
Even though I've been working full time since I landed I've been able to visit the louvre twice already as it's only a fifteen minute walk from work.

I get asked a lot at work,

"What, you're not a student? Why Paris?"

Since seeing a documentary on A&E about the Louvre when I was a teenager I've always wanted to come to Paris and explore it. I've been to the Louvre countless times now with different people always promising myself I would come there alone and 'absorb the art' I don't really care how silly it might sound now because I'm actually doing it. When I saw the documentary though, explaining how during the war all the paintings were hidden away all over the world and then all paintings were returned I thought it was an amazing testament to humanity. During a time of war art was preserved and people worked together putting themselves at risk so we could appreciate these masterpieces ages later. The Louvre itself is also a work of art and the documentary made claim that if you spent something like five minutes in front of each piece it would take a lifetime to see everything. Other sources say it takes five full weeks to appreciate and three months for hard-core arty's. Thankfully my EU passport and age allows me to visit the Louvre for free instead of the 10€ per visit.

My second reason for 'Why Paris' (if another reason is really needed) is to learn French! I learn language best by jumping into the deep end and being forced to practice daily. Making a million mistakes, having an abundance of people to ask questions of and have constantly correct me speeds up the process. It makes me feel like I'm always making progress no matter how laboriously my sentences come out.

Last night, Michel Gondry was a big subject of conversation (and I wasn't the one to bring him up!). He is one of my favourite directors and an inspiration for having a life filled with art, magic, constant playfulness and inspiration while having a career. Even though I have a minefield of inspiration that I rely on I'm also looking for people I may have never heard of. If you know of someone inspiring and amazing the way Michel Gondry is, please send their name my way.

ps. Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day!  xox

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