Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Silly Hallowe'en

I really did not want to be anything sexy, cutesy, or girly for this hallowe'en. [One friend tried to convince me to dress up by saying, "It'll probably be good for tips" which made me cringe.]

Have you seen this vid yet?

SO, after much debate the night before to even dress up, I've decided to go as a hipster dude, which kinda ended up looking more like a french farmer...

My reasoning for this costume and why it won out... Well, I recently got suspenders from a clothing swap and really wanted to wear them and a mustache. BUT ALSO because working at a bar/pub/restaurant I knew I'd be inviting certain attention had I dressed up as say... a catholic school girl just because I have the skirt.

It was suggested to me to be a Goth because that's pretty opposite my personality but it still holds sex appeal. If anyone deems this Hipster Dude/French Farmer costume sexy throughout the night it will be my personality, not my body on display. We don't live in a time yet where a woman dressing in a revealing outfit wont get you a certain kind of attention from certain kinds of people. Knowing full well that certain kinds of people are gonna be intoxicated and not necessarily on their best behavior and I wont be in control of the kind of people I'll be in contact with, I'm going for the most androgynous and let face it silly costume.

Happy Hallowe'en, have a safe and fun night!

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