Friday, November 7, 2014

International Festival Of Authors

On Thursday I attended the IFOA volunteering to sell books for the Northern Woman's Bookstore and wow, was I inspired. Three authors read from their works at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer - All The Broken Things
Alison Pick - Between Gods
Michael Winter - Into The Blizzard: Walking The Fields Of The Newfoundland Dead

I got to the gallery early and had a chance to look around at the special juried exhibition on display showcasing the talented works of Northern Ontario artists.  I learned that it has been ten years since the last juried exhibition where instead of one artist the room held numerous styles and a taste of each artist's works. I was especially happy to recognize some art that I had seen at other spots in Thunder Bay, now hanging upon gallery walls.

As Katja, Gillian, and I set up books from local authors and a variety of books from the three authors that would be speaking that night, we were joined by Margaret Phillips, who is the strong force behind The Northern Woman's Bookstore. Everyone was happy to see Margaret out at the event and made a point to say hello and see how she's recovering from this tough year of health issues.

When it was time to listen to the speakers the event started rolling with CBC's Lisa Laco as the host. Each author gave a brief synopsis of their book and read for ten riveting minutes. My favorite part was the Q&A, specifically the question about each writers process.

Writing as a daily activity could not be stressed enough.

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer and Alison Pick were surprised that they had the same writing style: To get everything on paper first with an old school pen and then transcribe onto the computer, making that their first edit.

Micheal Winters was really funny, he made a good distinction about the internet. The computer that he writes on does not have the internet and he likened it to having two rooms. In one room there is a puppy, in the other room there is a dead dog, a 5 day dead, very smelly, dog. Now the dead dog room is your novel and the puppy is the internet. It's better to have separate rooms, because naturally everyone wants to play with puppies.  

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