Friday, April 18, 2014

"Road Trip" Day 2 - Lets ride mustangs bareback

(Posted a little late, this took place in August 2013)

"So... how do you feel about going on an adventure?" Jenn asks, and of course I'm always up for whatever she has in store. We jump into Gary (her car) and head off through the roads of Buena Vista on a beautiful sunny day. 
Arriving at a small ranch I learn about the gentle nature of two beautiful mustangs who have been taught like no other horses I've met. These horses were never whipped or hurt to be 'broken', natural horsemanship is beautiful to witness. While sitting on Wyoming bareback she responds to the gentlest touch. Sitting forward, she knows to go forward. Leaning to the right, she knows to go right. Sitting back, she knows to stop. It really feels like the horse can read it's riders mind.
Jenn and I were allowed to walk the land on these great horses and here are my two favorite photos.
It was such a beautiful day.

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