Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Santiago

Santiago was something else. It was odd to be in such a large city but even more odd to be seeing so many people I'd met along the way, continually passing them on the street. I splurged with 23€ for a private rooom in a hotel including a buffet breakfast. I realized I haven't had a room to myself in almost 2 months. It was nice to just sit in silence. The catheral was really more extravagant than I was expecting. The certificate of completion was less extravagant than I was expecting, but the mass where I heard say 'two Canadians who started in Pamplona' was pretty neat. Santiago was a place of planning for the next week which was pretty draining. I already missed following the yellow arrows and was so happy to be on the road again the next day. I'm sure there will be a few tears to shed when I have to get on a bus to go back to Santiago on the 14th and then on a train. I've really loved this journey with its many nuggets of learning.

Paolo Coelho recently described going in to Santiago and the journey, I really loved reading this article about the camino:

Tomorrow is 11.11.11 where I will burn paper in the fires of Finestere. Some people burn clothes but I wanted to write a list of all the things I was angry about to burn away. This is what I came up with instead...
To Burn at Finistere Fires 

"When you're being pushed towards anger, HAVE MERCY (for in Latin Mercy is 'Love for the miserable')"
My anger, like high waves of the sea has risen high for many people...
but really
-When I act like a five year old having a tantrum

-When I lean to situations I really don't like for the illusion of pleasing another

-When I listen to others negativity without mercy but with judgement that their pain is less than mine

It is not with these people that I am angry but how I´ve acted towards them in these ways that my anger rises to burn me. I now wish to burn away these reactions that cause my hurtful anger.

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