Saturday, November 12, 2011

Will you walk with me to the ends of the earth?

"Will you walk with me to the ends of the Earth?" I asked my new Camino friend Jenn who graciously accepted.
So for the past three days I have been walking the extra part after Santiago to Finisterre (once know as the end of the world when it was considered flat) and it couldn't have been more fun. On the third day of walking you run into a fork in the road where you have to choose to go right to Muxia or left to Finisterre. After a day of joking with Jenn we left camino mail for our Aussi friends Mike and Tom.
"Go left! It will be all right. But if you don't it's not the end of the world!" 
We had spend the whole morning making "Its not the end of the world" jokes for everything that cropped up.  (We thought it was so funny we considered turning right to Muxia just so we could keep on laughing about it.)
Walking there gave me time to think about what we know now and what is going to change over the years. If there was a time when people were so certain that the world was ending at the spot I'm about to visit what else are we wrong about now? It was two back to back 30k days so there was a lot of time to think about things. Galicia is absolutely magical and I feel blessed to have seen this part of Spain. I think this extra part of the walk was more rewarding for me than to arrive in Santiago. The sight of the ocean really made me feel like I had walked a very long way. I was saying to Jenn 'with beauty like this you could accept that there wasn't anything more' and then we saw the ocean down below and freaked out. It was such a rewarding moment. I think the angels parted the clouds just for us to catch a glimpse and write in our journals and then closed up again so we'd quit dilly'dallying and make our way down the mountain.
Jenn, Tom and I reached some part of beach to watch the sunset and soak our feet and drink a hot chocolate but we still had 6k more to meet Alex at Finisterre to celebrate the end of it all. On that walk in the dark we got a dissaproving jest from a local, shaking his head at us saying 'you're late, its night time'. This made us look to the East and catch the tiniest glimpse of light peaking over the hill. We all stood in awe as a giant full moon quickly rose above the hillside. So to the Señor who shook his head at us I'd say thanks and I think we were just in time. It was the first time I've seen a moonrise and my moon-shadow and the rest of the night celebrating was really somthing else... Now for a day of rest! (Before my 20ishK walk to Muxia tomorrow!)


  1. Oh, my goodness, Sam! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this post! Jenn told me what an amazing time she had with you and Alex and the boys, but I just loved reading your details of that particularly special day. Yep, I'm a big fan of social media. How else can we make the world smaller and more connected? :-)

  2. Thank you! <3 You're reminding me to keep up and write a new post! Thanks for reading and commenting :)