Sunday, November 6, 2011

Five weeks

Well today happens to be the last day of week five and it is with a big sigh that I write this post. Tomorrow or the day after is the day of arriving in Santiago and the end of this great Camino. I still plan on walking onwards to Finisterre but the end is here.
This past week has been lush and green. Muddy trails through great enchanting forests of trees covered compleatly in ivy and moss with ferns and some eucalyptus. There have been many animals. Fields of cows worthy of milk or chocolate commercials, lambs, hens. I fed an apple to a horse today.
The forest trial opened up to a road where a stand of coffee, fruit and sweet bread lay waiting. Each with prices posted and a box to put money in for whatever you've taken. The honor system in full effect. I took photos of a river with a bridge made of giant stepping stones and there was a nice great mist in the distance and a clear blue sky above us. I love all of my pictures and can't wait to post them.
Today I spent a lot of time thinking about all the people I've met on the Camino and where they might be. One amazing woman I met who is 70 (and traveled the world over once her kids had grown and she'd passed 50) gave me a great recommendation of drinking a little bit of Cognac to get warm on colder camino nights. Cognac here is about 1€ for two shots worth and it does a great job of warming the bones after a day in the rain.
It's been such a life shift to wake up every morning and walk somewhere new. My pace of life is so relaxed and each day I've been able to see beautiful sights. It's a comforting thought to know that no matter what, the camino will be here and if I really wanted I could come back and open an Albergue or volunteer. I think I would recommend the camino to anyone who wants to slow down their pace of life and who likes walking. It has been a great way to get in touch with the North part of Spain and really get a feel for the different regions. It's been a surprise to have so many new great friends and nice to feel so strong that the idea of walking 20k feels like no big deal.
20ish K left to Santiago!

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