Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick update

I jumped on a plane from Paris to Barcelona on May 5th, it was only 121.98€ return and I used my fave airfare search website, kayak.com which led me to easyjet.com. Since I was working a lot I woke up on Saturday at 1pm with three hours to do my laundry, shower and pack. I want to say it's the first time I've had to run through a terminal to catch a flight but I think it might be my third. I got into the line to board with fifteen minutes to spare and just my regular small backpack as a carry-on. It saves sooo much time and money to only travel with a carry-on.

I met up with some friends from Toronto and as soon as I put down my bag and changed we were off for paella and a beach party. The next day I was convinced to go diving for the first time and although the water was cold it was a really cool experience that I'm eager to try again. If I end up somewhere tropical I'll get my licence for sure. It's really like entering a whole new world, photos and video to come. 

Then before I knew it we got on a 6€ flight to Ibiza. Party season doesn't start until the end of May but any complaints were soon forgotten with the distraction of beautiful beaches, sun and sangria. It's such a small Island we saw each of the 'big towns' and quite a few beaches. I'm starting the summer with a great tan and two new travel buddies. 

It was the best getaway I could have asked for. Airbnb.com was used for all accommodations around Spain, so we always had the nice comfort of being in a home with a kitchen. I got to show off my mojito making skills and cook a few well received meals. I got a much needed dose of Toronto and Spain in the same trip. 

I left for the weekend to make a short visit to the South of France which allowed me to pass by Figueres; The home of Dali's birthplace, first art show and current theatre museum. I've been wanting to stop here since I saw the first castle with eggs photo years ago. Post on just this museum to come. 

I'm sure I have a lot more to say about the past ten days but I just wanted to give a quick update on where I've been running around. Right now I'm on a beachside cafe in Barcelona drinking my last cafe's con leche and people watching. I have six hours until my flight back to Paris, so I'm going to soak up as much Spanish sun as possible. (Don't worry Babi, I am wearing suncream) 

Ps. My Spanish has gotten so good I've had three Spaniards confused as why I speak such good English or how I'm from Canada! Maybe my French has hope to get that good when I start consistently reading in French. 

Lots of love!

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