Tuesday, May 1, 2012

♪ Should I stay or should I go now? If I go there will be trouble, if I stay it will be double ♬

I've been in Paris for three and a half months now. I've been tutoring and working at a really fun bar. I've been offered more hours at tutoring and a manager position at the bar as well as two other small jobs. I had to really think last week if I wanted to stay in Paris for a year. Really make this my city and commit to being here. If I stay in Paris I could visit other parts of France on my days off, other parts of Europe even.

If I took the manager position I could have stability while continuing to live in a city I've always wanted to explore. The thing is, I've been here for three and a half months and Paris is nice but it's not my city. I feel like it's a well built amusement park. The structure of everything is so precise and unchangeable. Everyone wants Paris to stay the same because it's a beautiful city, brimming with history and renaissance.  It's charming when you want to wander around and appreciate the details of the architecture. But even the parks are manicured and the trees like the buildings are forced to not reach too high. Talking to Parisians it doesn't feel like a place to grow or be motivated to improve yourself. It's been unchanging since it landed on the hottest travel destinations and the first black and white photo was taken.

As much as I appreciate it and find it romantic it's set in its ways but I'm not ready to be settled into anything just yet. I think its safe to say that Paris will always be Paris and I can come back another time when I'm not so restless. I'll be here until the first week of July and then I'll jump off to some other place. I started a note on Facebook 'In the Hat' where from now till June destination suggestions can be added for consideration.

Why July and not just leap frog now? Well that's when my friend Jenn finishes her contract and we've been talking about traveling together again since our trip to Finisterre which I just posted Photo's of here!

Also we met a turkey on our journey, here's how that went...


  1. I keep throwing out the most incredible suggestion, and ya keep pretending you don't hear... I'm STOMPING my feet in protest.

  2. Heehehe I hear your suggestion and I am considering it ;)