Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Moveable Feast

I was lent this book by a fellow tutor and have found it easier to read on my trips outside of Paris rather then in a cafe while in Paris. I really appreciated this Hemingway. I've tried some of his other works and maybe it just wasn't the right time for me to read them but after this I'm willing to revisit. I think this is a good Hemingway to start with especially if you are a woman. (If you've read his other works you'll know why I say that)

A lot of moments in the book were so perfectly captured I had to stop and just appreciate the truth he is able to convey with so few words. There were many memorable passages for me. If you have ever been poor, hungry or in love I think you'll appreciate this little book.

There are many versions of 'A Moveable Feast', I quite enjoyed the one I read expect for the last chapter that was drawn out but worth the last page. The Arrow Books, Random House publication (photo above) is more in favour of Hadley then of his second wife.

If you're living in Paris and having a short trip to get away from the city I highly recommend this book to give you a fresh perspective for your return.

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