Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Parmesan Lost

So my mom's facebook satus an hour ago read:
Is seriously saddened by all the loss of Parmesan cheese due to the earthquake in Italy...was impressed they called in the military to try to save the cheese! Have been off dairy for 10 days (even in my tea) as tribute to lost Parmesan... Someone should write an ode(or parody) to "Parmesan Lost"...

So I said 'I'm on it' and wrote...

Parmesan Lost
For My Mom
An Ode to the Parmesan cheese that perished in Italy

All the great mouths that you feed
Now for your fast recovery they plead
You cover each inch of the floor where you fell
The clock tower was so sad it crumbled as well
Gone are the sows
Traumatized are the cows
This is more then split milk
This is worse then wine spilt on silk
Those of us who are your number one fan
Say, Without you our dishes are bland
All those salads without your grace
No one will say, That pasta was ace!
Grana Padero are cheering at your fall
Although they too lost more then a wall
100,000 of them 300,000 of you
The lettuce in Ceasers wont know what to do
You're still the most expensive cheese of the lot
Millions of edible dollars this damn earthquake got
If the Parmesan had seen the earthquake coming
Maybe the wheels could have gone running
But alas the last earthquake was 700 years ago
How were they ever to know?
Each photo shows a hell for cheese lovers
Now is the time to cry with your mothers and brothers
Oh stinky cheese adieu, farewell, goodbye
Hopefully building codes will be better so no more of you die

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