Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The day the Kobo died

I am very sad to report that my electronics are on the fritz due to the high levels of humidity that come with living in the rain forest. Specifically my Kobo. Don't worry my baby (laptop) is in fine shape. I didn't want to admit it especially when I've just accumulated a collection of hundreds of books but it's true, my Kobo is not responding. I've tried putting it in a bag of rice, restarting it, plugging it in, but it seems I have put it through a tough fourteen months of overuse and varying climates. Thankfully I have a great collection of books here and have adjusted my 'to read' list accordingly. Something I do in the first week of living somewhere new is organize the bookshelf, usually alphabetically (with foreign, cookbooks and travel books separate) so I get myself well acquainted with the available library. Sadly though all my favorites are locked into the computer screen. This is really a huge loss for me, I love books and an e-reader is the easiest way for me to carry hundreds around without breaking my back. I even made a fun cover for it that also is not looking so great due to the continual humidity. I've been a fan of making Haiku's lately so here's one
for My Dear Kobo,

So much joy you gave
In my palm you held all words
Wont give up on you


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