Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tufted Headboard

Pinterest was invaluable with the finding a stagey and giving me the confidence to make this headboard.

So, step one was grabbing the wood board that was randomly in the house and had been moved around to it's home leaning against a wall in the garage. Bought some carpenters glue and smeared that all over. You can see in the top of the photo is some foam. We had this on our bed for a while but no longer needed it so another re-purposed piece made this project WAY cheaper. Dan really thought the foam was useless but I knew it could live on.

I took over most of the floor in the spare room with this project. I really wanted to use a fabric that I already had but the only one I really liked I didn't have enough material to hang over the edge and I liked that the wood hung over the edge of the bed a little. So off to Fabricland where I found this beauty. There was three yards and it was 80% off and I found a button bin that was three packs for $1 which is practically unheard of in button world. 

Mr. Nacho gave his approval so on it went. Damn! I didn't take a photo but, once I glued the foam on the wood, I grabbed sharpie and made dots where I wanted all the holes. Then grabbed a kitchen knife and cut a large cross over the dots so the fabric had somewhere to go and I could feel the hole without having to guess where my mark may be placed while the fabric was on. 

Then I grabbed the drill and drilled small screws. This made it so easy and fast going. I can't imagine having to sew through all that fabric. Once all the holes were seen to I flipped over the board and used a staple gun to pull the fabric tight and secure it on the back.

I filled all the holes with random white buttons and borrowed Sue's glue gun to put them in place. This was a NO-Sew project. All fitting pieces together and using durable materials. I really can't believe people attempt this with just a needle and thread. So glad I scoured Pinterest! That place can be a tunnel of overwhelming crafts but if you have a project in mind there's such a wealth of tips. So, here is mine! Ready to be leaned up against to read on.


It's not perfect by any means but I'm certainly happy that it cost me less than $50 instead of a new one for $200-$1000!

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