Monday, July 16, 2012

An Eventful Journey, Continued

So there we were, Jenn and I waiting in front of the supermarket. Tired and sweaty with all of our bags as we tried to remember the names of the couple coming to pick us up and realized we had no idea what they looked like. We deciding then that if no one came by sunset we would check ourselves into one of the many hotels in Bocas del Toro and figure things out from there. Sure enough we were the only backpackers sitting out front and the lovely Diana walked up and said 'You must be Jenn and Sam'

You can see Lester and Diana's blog here:

After loading up the boat with bags and instruments we took turns staying with the boat and getting a tour of half the town. It was very helpful and appreciated to be taken by the hand to all of the important stores. I got to drive the boat to our new home with Lester's direction and got a wealth of knowledge regarding boating and the house.

Jenn took the wheel for dinner and drove the boat to the local restaurant that is only open on Fridays and Sundays, where most all of the houses and nearby cruisers stop in for pizza, mojitos and other great eats. It is only accessible by boat, like most all of the houses here, and is "a great place to make fifty new friends" said Jess, a cruiser doing a circumnavigation with her partner James. I'm excited to mention all the great travellers we've met who have welcomed us very warmly into the neighbourhood. Writers, chocolate farmers, chili growers, world travellers, celestial navigators, artists, architects, who were all very friendly and inviting.

When we reached the dock just as the sun was setting I was surprised at how loud the jungle area had become. All sorts of bugs and animals became very vocal and made a chorus of noise. Then later on in the night it was pouring buckets of rain and it made the night nice and cool. It was an eventful journey with a destination more beautiful then I could have imagined.

I am so grateful have Panama as my home for the next few months.

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