Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Mission

"A friend in need is a friend indeed!" That's what I thought of on this particular morning. Jenn and I were on our way into town when we were asked if we could lend our help. Someone had dropped their keys in the water (a.k.a. the bottom of the ocean) and it was up to us to open up a steel hatch, enter the boat and get hold of the spare set. With three of us together giving our best efforts there was no way that hatch was moving. As Jenn went around to inspect this steel boat she found the bathroom window was open with a screen insert. As I got hold of the screen and removed it I was doubtful if my head would even fit through the port hole. "You can do this Sam, I have been trained to coach you through this moment." Holding up the screen to my hips and noting that there was a 1/4 inch of extra space Jenn was convinced that I would fit.

Jenn has been working as an outdoor educator in France before we made the trip over to Panama. After a long hike she would take her group of kids to a rock face with what is called a 'birthing hole'. The kids would look at this small hole and say "There is no way I can fit through there" but one by one Jenn coached them through, convinced that they could make it to the other side. Every kid had made it though. She really had been training for this moment. As I lifted myself up and put my legs in first it seemed almost likely but my butt needed some help to be squished in.

Once I had my hips in and my feet balancing on something I knew I could physically fit but felt more comfortable being able to see where I was going. Lifting myself back out I gave it another go but this time I dived in 'Super man style' going head first with arms out. Balancing myself in a kind of awkward handstand on a toilet... I was in!
OMG I made it!!

Back outside, using a door to exit, I had to take a moment... 
Did I really just jump through there?
This shall be forever in my memory bank as that time I jumped through a steel boat. Traveling gives you a lot of great experiences but nothing quite as valuable as problem solving skills. There's a lot that happens on any given journey where you learn to just figure things out and do what has to be done. When 'problems' happen if you're with the right people it can be a fun adventure... and hopefully someone brought a camera!
I noticed that when I travel my problems are a lot different, there's no time to hum and haw and discuss with people and make it into a big deal. You're too busy working out a solution so you can move on. Sure you talk about it after but there's not the drama of 'oh no, woe is me, what will I do' if that happens its for a second and then it's launching into trial and error. There's usually not even a moment for negative self speak, you're forced to move along usually right away.

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  1. This is hilarious! Years ago while living in Belize, we locked outselves out of the house. The only "window" was one of similiar size - high on the bathroom wall (actually touching the ceiling.) I didn't even try to fit into it...just went looking for one of the local kids who was more than happy to help us out. WE pushed her through feet first :-) Fun memories! Glad your window story had a happy ending too!