Friday, July 13, 2012

Surprise Toronto! The Visit

Sorry for not announcing it big and loud and clear that I was heading to Toronto, it's because I'm already gone! I only stopped in for a short visit and was very excited to make it a surprise for some family members.

I snuck myself into Toronto with the intention of giving my mom and Grandparents a great surprise. We've had the ritual of going to Sunday morning breakfast (never to be confused with brunch!) for the past few years. It's always been an interesting time especially since Sunday morning follows Saturday night. I missed these breakfasts and have thought for a few months about how fun it would be to just surprise them by showing up one day. It's been hard to keep in touch without an 8 am phone call promptly followed by a knock at the front door to be driven away for breakfast. Being away for nine and a half months I thought it was important to check in, even if it was only for nine and a half days.

I had a great time picking up things for Panama, spending time soaking up high park, along with sipping drinks with my best friends. I was fortunate enough to head to the cottage with Kate and Justine. It wasn't until I traveled that I realized going up to the cottage is a very Canadian thing to do.


Right now I've made it to my dream home in Panama!! I'll tell you all about the journey tomorrow!

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