Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just some thoughts on Aliens & end of the world theories

It is said that the Devil’s greatest trick was to convince the world he didn’t exist... What if ideology of Gods goes deeper? What if the greatest trick was aliens convincing the world they were Gods?

The “end of the world” draws nearer and theories abound. Perhaps the moment has come where the majority of us humanoids are ready to meet our makers. Not in the traditional sense of dying, to meet the maker as God, but to look up at the sky and see aliens descend. Maybe our lifetime friends and neighbors will take off their masks and expose themselves as beings from other planets. Maybe the divine really is a figment of our imaginations, and the simple solution to our existence, is we are an alien experiment.

I was recently asked “Is it true, will there be a solar eclipse leaving the world dark for days?” One story concerning Christopher Columbus notes that he used the movements of the planets to scare his captors. “If you do not release me, I will cover the sun with the moon in three days.” He did not have control of the planets, but as a celestial navigator had various charts and quite accurately knew planetary movements and used that knowledge as old timey bail out money.

“No” I said, “The world will not go dark for days, it is merely the ending of the Mayan calendar. North American’s need another reason to clear the shops of all bottled water and canned goods (remember Y2K?). The Mayan calendar has many a believable spokespersons, watching talks on youtube always leave me completely convinced by whatever they’re preaching. My favorite prediction is it’s ‘the end of the world, as we know it’ (Great Big Sea, anyone?)”

I have other thoughts on the Mayan calendar makers... Like, it’s a big calendar, maybe their hands cramped, chiseling so many years in stone, come on! Maybe the Mayan’s gave up with the calendar and said, “By the time we reach here, everyone will have access to any knowledge they want, they will be able to seek it themselves without the help of someone passing down information, lets make up to ‘age of Aquarius’, then they can do it themselves”

Stories are no longer passed down through the ages, like they were way back when, but they are sought after by the curious. People seek out their ancestry and where they came from, seek out the knowledge they want, it’s rarely given and taken because there’s just too much to know.

Maybe it’s just another trick, a joke by the Mayan calendar makers, a lesson to tell us we make our own futures now. There are no more pathways to seek, all has been uncovered, all the trails blazers have done their jobs, and we merely have to choose which direction we’ll take.

Out of all the theories, I prefer the Alien’s exposure though. When I look up at a sky full of stars I always catch my breath and wonder, “when?”. I love the fantasy of dragons existing, the stories told with magic realism captivate me, but what makes the most sense for me to be non-fiction, is aliens. I’ve been terrified of many things, that I barrel through, like a truck smashing a brick wall that was never really there. When I think about what scares me most, it would be to have a something-someone shake my hand and tell me they’re from another planet. So that’s my hope for the ‘end of the world, as we know it’, a personal Alien encounter. Bring it on world, please!

Please message me or comment with your favorite theories or hopes for the coming “end of the world, as we know it”.

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