Saturday, February 2, 2013

Adventure Divas by Holly Morris

"Don't judge a book by it's cover" was a bit hard, when it came to seeing this in a book bin at BMV. I hugged it to my chest and could hardly wait to dive in. 'Adventure Divas' with dusty trail shoes, exactly what I needed after this long adventure I've just taken. It affirmed for me that I really need to write a book about my year of travel from Sept 2011 to Sept 2012.

This book is about writer, producer, Holly Morris and her long adventure of filming 'Adventure Divas' the tv series, with her plastic sidekick, Sky Prancer. In the first chapter I thought I was going to have to drink four espressos to keep up with her, but it gets a better flow as it goes on and punches you with excitement.

I have a new list of destinations and inspirations from this book. There are now so many quotes highlighted and pages dogeared, it will be a hard book to leave behind when I start my next adventure. Here is just one quote that explains the type of diva Holly gets to interview:
Gloria Rolando - "For me, a diva is not something that lives in the sky. It is a woman who lives on the earth. It is a woman who suffers, is a woman who dreams, is a woman who wants to struggle. If you ask me if I am a diva, I don't know; but I am a warrior. And the main quality of the diva-warrior is not to be scared of life. Not to be scared of the difficulties. Whether you have support or not, whether you have money or not, you need to have a spirit."

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