Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frame of Keys

I have acquired many house keys, because I have lived in many houses. Actually many isn't the right word... multitudinous, a multitudinous array of homes. Even though I usually return the keys after moving I've gathered quite the stash. So, I've taken all those keys and just before tossing them, thought ART ATTACK!

I removed all the key rings and chains, and placed the keys around the frame, to make sure they fit. I painted all the keys, with nail polish I got at a dollar store ($1.50 each), used an IKEA frame I already had ($2.99 each). I'm a big fan of spray glue, but I didn't think that would hold the weight of the keys, and I couldn't find my glue gun, so gorilla glue was the winner. I took off the back so it was just the frame, and no chance of glue getting on the glass. I let in dry, and now for a picture of my dream house, all done.

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