Friday, January 11, 2013

I love the jungle but does the Jungle love me? Part 2

Continued from I love the jungle but does the Jungle love me

I was out in Bocas and its archipelago for a few months, and I feel pretty adapted to jungle ways. I know how to read most solar monitors. I can listen and guess the amount of inches of rainfall. I've bailed the boat in the middle of the night, and brought it back when the tide broke an anchor chain. I've moved a damn heavy propane tank. I walked around barefoot pretty much anywhere except on town pavement.

Jungle-3 Pride-1

I've adjusted to the jungle sounds and let all the crazy chirps and howls fade into the background. Being awake at 6, I listen to the birds and the lapping sound of water while I watch the sun come into the room. I only wake up now if it's too silent, or there's a cool breeze.

Jungle-3 Sleeping in-2

As my bug bites started to fade, new ones weren't as much of a worry. I've learned the simple sensory factor, if you feel something moving down it's probably a hair or water droplet and if it's a bug it will be off you soon. If it's crawling up, then it's in need of a slap, as it could be an ant or other biting bug. I changed to long pants and long shirts at sunset and sit under a fan, or use bug spray starting at 4:30. I don't get as strong a reaction to the bites anymore either.

When I was in the city of David for a night, I realized I'd rather have the sound of waves through open air cabins with the occasional cockroach and spider, than a sealed house with none of the above. I love living with half walls and windows unencumbered with screens or glass, living with the bugs and birds in an odd harmony.

Jungle-3 Bug harmony zone-3

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