Friday, January 25, 2013

Let it snow!

It has been a hard transition coming back to Toronto. With my arrival I seemed to bring a week of warm weather, which I was not fond of, and a hockey truce, which I was pretty thrilled about. This week though, when I looked out the window of Cafe Novo, and saw a guy peddled his unicycle up the hill like it was no big deal, while it was snowing, I felt pretty at home. 

I was probably one of the only people in Toronto made blissfully happy by the new fallen snow and drastic cold temperatures. It was -18C which felt like -23C with the windchill factor. A radio broadcaster warned, "I don't care how pretty you are, cover your face, it's really that cold." Luckily in my quick pass through Panama City, I found an awesome winter jacket on sale and couldn't pass it up. It might be the best I've been layered in all my Canadian winters.

Going to a hockey game was a whole other homey feeling. The CN Tower was blue and white in support of the Leaf game. Since it was the opening game everyone was given a nice "Welcome Back", with free beer, t-shirts, scarves, and food. My Grandfather used to take me to the Maple Leaf Gardens and going to a few games a season is always a treat. It was a great atmosphere, I loved being surrounded by Canadian accents, talking about Canadian things.

I was checking out of my favorite Canadian comic's, Jillian Thomas, and this is what she had to say about the cold...

"Dear Teenagers walking down the sidewalk bitching about how cold it is, zip up your coat, wear a hat, try on a scarf and some mitts."

"Actually to all you bitching about the cold, wear some f*cking layers and remember most of you are Canadian. We don't bitch about the cold we apologize for it."

"My brother is a life long Winnipeger, he just wrote "Watched the first Jets game back, it's been snowing for 2 days straight, it's -38 with a high of -20 today, going to order a pizza and get a slurpee." That's how you deal with the cold."

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