Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

Have you had someone just push a book on you and say it was good, and then that meant you just had to read it? Well that's what happened with The Bean Trees and I'm really glad it did, otherwise I don't know that I would have picked it up on my own. Thank you Rachel!

It is a wonderfully written story, and my first Kingsolver read. It carries it's sadness through humor. Simple truths make it touch your heart and the characters are so real, you think you could call them up for a coffee, if you were to ever drive through Kentucky, Oklahoma, or Arizona.

I judge a book by it's title and expected the whole book to be about bean planting, but the reason for the title is much deeper than that. Kingsolver has such an enthralling way of story telling, I believe the book must be based on a few true stories meshed into one.

If you're in a mix up of uncertainty, of what to read next, I can't shove it in everyone's hands, but recommend you go pick it up.

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  1. Hi Sam, so good to hear from you and I'm glad the book was meant for you. I had a feeling it was. I hope you are able to hold on to that wonderful spacious feeling that you inhabited in Bocas, and not get sucked into the three job workaholic mode you write about. The spaciousness really suits you and allows others around you feel that way too.
    All the best to you for a happy 2013 and beyond,