Thursday, September 30, 2010

Filing is Sexy

The sexiest thing I thought of this morning was a filing system for my ideas.
I have been thinking about this for quite sometime.

Before I was trying to categorize and alphabetize but as the names and concepts are always adapting and molding this method quickly became futile.

This morning it all came together.

Organize by date of conception.

Then make a table to cross reference

The 'name's/working titles' of my idea's are always changing. An alphabetized table listing all the names and what date and number they correspond to can be checked before looking into a file.

Then of course have the same system set up on my computer.

There are always a bajillion ways to do something but this seems like the most efficient way for now.

Wow, ideas on organizing a system for ideas... yup, that's pretty up there on my sexy-o-meter.

PS. While doing this post I looked up photos for 'Nerd Alert' obviously And I happened upon a BAND called NERD ALERT
They're punk/punk/punk and only have three songs up. Check It!

PSS. Saying 'Check It!' makes me think of
"The Dominant View" by King Prawn

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