Friday, September 24, 2010

Society and Suicide

This morning I read about another gay teen that comitted suicide.
It really made my blood boil.

I usually like to start off all my arguments with "maybe I'm wrong" so I can talk freely about whatever comes to mind without offense...

My Belief: Society causes suicide.
When a society is oppressive it leads to outcasts. When an outcast is bullied and tormented because they are stretching the limits of the social structure in which they live; they act in one of two ways. They rebel, so strong in character, so fearless, so determined they take action and expose who they are. Second choice, and probably a first thought, is suicide. Removing yourself from the society that has made it clear wants you ejected. 
Our society is sick.
"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."- Jiddu Krishnamurti
Our global society is sick and so sick only because nobody cares.
What would wake up the world to treat everyone with respect and kindness?

I feel when I take the views of our society or the views of the vocal majority I am not being a true caring and compassionate person. I am merely living out of fear and complacency because I desperately want to be accepted. It's when I see myself as an individual with my own values holding onto all the truths I have come to know, that is when each of my actions represents me. Only then am I able to act with strength, honesty and compassion.

The prime rule and teaching of our current society is to be accepted. That need is ingrained before all else. That rules us and our actions. Maybe that is to simple...
When we are accepted its easier for us to move around and it feels good.
Is that the best feeling?
In what ways are we taught that acceptance is the best thing?
Is acceptance a necessary goal of every moment?
Is that the root cause of every 'weak' step we take?
Could it be really as simple as teaching 'acceptance doesn't matter'?
Would that eliminate the root of all fear?

Being accepted causes great confusion.
I want to be accepted by he who screams the loudest because I don't want to be screamed at and I want to be protected by he who screams the loudest.
I want to be accepted by he who shows the most love and compassion because that is what resonates the most with me and makes me feel strongest.

Is acceptance of self the greatest strength you can posses?
When I know my truth I am able to draw on strength that allows me to talk with respect and kindness to those screaming the loudest...
I'm thinking of personal examples where I've had to say calmly "Don't scream and don't swear" to someone who is screaming and swearing.


So perhapse teaching to accept yourself as you are first and then accept everyone as they are. As well as hold a zero tolerance policy for those who are actively intolerant.
...I'm scratching my head now...
Is it possible to only be intolerant of intolerance, oppressiveness, violence and crulty?
AND to make the mission even more intricate, treat those perpetrators with kindness and respect so you yourself do not fall into one of those actions...

If you can treat yourself and everyone you encounter with respect and kindness I think that is all it would take.
But then again...
Maybe I'm wrong.

"Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" - Plato

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