Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Andrew Bird & a Croque Madam s'il te plait

 I'm at my favourite cafe with internet (a.k.a the only place to get internet besides McDonalds) enjoying a Croque madam with Salad and a decent coffee.

A couple weeks ago now I went to a concert here in Paris for Andrew Bird. I bought his cd at the concert and have shared it with everyone in my dropbox because I really love sharing music and he's worth sharing. What makes Andrew different is he plays violin in a really neat way. The way people play spanish guitar he takes the same approach to the violin. He also loops tracks so within a song so he can play different instruments. I was also impressed with Martin Dosh who opened the show looping percussion. I can't really find a decent video to show their looping skills but click on their names to get directly to their music. I think these might be my three faves from "Break it yourself"

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