Thursday, March 29, 2012

A table from Dave and a table named Dave

Tuesday I scoured the Paris Craigslist 'Garage Sale' and found a few jems that I ran around picking up yesterday. Everyone stares at everyone in Paris, part of the fun of living here is to see what everyone is wearing. I got particular stares though as I was wearing my baggy jeans, trail shoes, a woodstock t-shirt, and a hoodie while carrying a table under my arm. That's just not really done in Paris. Collecting peoples junk and making it my own is one of the things that makes me feel at home. So that's the black desk from a guy named Dave that cost me 10€. I also collected a laptop table named Dave for another 10€. The tea pot in the corner was 2€ I got some skirts 2€, a dress 5€ and a blender 8€. The guitar was given to me, it's been passed down a few times by people leaving Paris (to be reclaimed if they should return). The books were 1€ each and don't know it yet but are about to be cut up for stationary purposes.

The best thing about running around yesterday was discovering three new area's of Paris, in particular a ten minute walk from my house is a whole natural friendly area. I stopped at a place that looked like Live but food like Fresh so I felt at home and energized with a great meal (yay for good coffee, fresh juice and no white bread!) I had a great petit dejeuner for 5,50€ while I figured out the confusion of two appointments booked at 11, one for a white table named Dave and a black table from a guy named Dave. The blender was easier to pick up and gave me lots of fashionable people to check out. (thankfully I had changed for work by then) Some of the best things I saw yesterday were a lot of really cool colourful shoes and two practically shirtless really buff men walking tiny dogs. I will have to start carrying my camera around again to snap the summer trends.

I also learned this week how women with children and no car can go grocery shopping in heels: Delivery service. The Monoprix by my place has free delivery for purchases over 50€. My roommate and I loaded up the cart, brought it to the check out, then a few hour's later it was delivered right to our door. I live on the fourth floor with no elevator so lugging groceries is one exercise I don't mind erasing.

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