Monday, October 22, 2012

Coming home for realsies!

I'll be coming home Jan 10th, 2013. To buy my plane ticket I put my residence as Canadian, my passport as Canadian but my card as French with a French address that's linked to my Spanish passport while buying in American dollars... I though I had fritzed the system because it refreshed three times to tell me it was changing currency and did I approve? Then took me to a page that didn't seem quite like a confirmation. A few hours later I got the ticket delivered to my inbox so it's really true. Bitter sweet but coming and going always is.

October 2nd was the first time I ever cancelled a plane ticket. I was to fly from Panama City to Florida and figure out where to go from there. On cancelling my ticket I got half back. The ticket was less than $200 to begin with so it wasn't a big loss considering I get to stay in paradise. I learned recently that paradise came from 'walled garden' or 'enclosed park', also referred to as a limbo then finally as idyllic place. I would agree to all of the above.

This year I've been on more planes then I could remember so I've made an effort to track them. It's been a hell of a year:
Toronto to Paris (Train to Spain)
Malaga to Paris
Paris to Barcelona
Barcelona to Ibiza
Ibiza to Barcelona
Barcelona to Paris
Paris to Calvi (Train to Paris)
Paris to Toronto
Toronto to Miami to Panama City

A quick search on Goolge of "make a map of your plane trips" allowed me to make this map:

Fun Facts since my plane trip from Toronto to Paris on September 24, 201l:
Approximate time spent in flight: 28hrs
Miles covered by Plane: 12,749
Kilometers covered by Plane: 20,518

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