Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Emerging DreamHealer


This book was given to me by a very Spiritual and serendipitous person, Shane. It's been on my shelf, teasing me for when I had a bit more time.

I liked it.

What I liked most was the conviction in which it was written. This is completely Adam's life and work. He uses visualizations to help facilitate healing for people.

The visualization that is sticking with me the most is about imagining yourself on top of the whole earth. Take deep breaths into the base of your stomach and let roots grow out of your feet. With each breath the roots multiply and cover the whole earth and you fill yourself with energy.

He speaks so simply about visualization I know I'll be borrowing his words and examples. It's only 170pages and has some great picture pages so you really understand what Adam is talking about. If you've every thought you couldn't visualize or don't have a visual memory skip to chapter 7. (or if you just want to improve your visual memory)

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