Monday, January 9, 2012

The coffee tastes better

Over the past couple years I've become a happy coffee drinker despite myself. In Toronto I buy and promote a 'disloyalty card' named The Indie Coffee Passport. While quietly enjoying a morning brew I would take that time to do a mini visualization, if only for a few seconds, thinking where else would I like to enjoy a cup of coffee?

Well this morning, I'm blessed to say that I'm enjoying my coffee somewhere in the Sierra Nevada. It's the tallest mountain in the Iberian Peninsula. I took the bus from Almuñecar on the most curvy, windy mountain road and was reminded of beautiful vistas I had seen on the camino. I love the mountains but I guess I never realized just how much. A feng shui practitioner once told me my life would benifit from seeing stones so I placed a few on my windowsill and by my stove. Somehow the way I talked about my favorite type of chair, high backed, told her I needed to be by mountains to be truly happy.
(Almuñecar is surrounded by mountains, it's name meaning such when ruled by the Moors, perhaps that is why I have such an affinity for it.)

Back to the mountain I'm on now though, I've never felt so close to the moon. I am in mountains and everywhere I can hear water running and usually see streams. I went on a moonlit walk the night I arrived and was awe struck the whole time that there was no need for streetlights, no need for flash lights, the moon is actually that luminescent. I was guided past a fountain that has natural spring water that tastes like bubbly water. It flows over iron and picks up the taste. All the taps here flow with mountain water. There are old wash basins in different parts where people used to wash their clothes with natural soaps.

On the moonlit walk there was an open space, a sort of terrace in the mountains, made of flat rocks and I was very moved upon stepping onto it. I'll get a bit airy-farie here but I believe energy can be felt and in this place there was an amazing energy that I walked into. It really took over me, not only was it incredibly beautiful but vibrationaly different. I later found out that the space was named 'Trance area'. When looking south, there are pointed mountains on the right and left that resemble pyramids and the centre fold makes you feel like your heart is meant to open. Then perfectly centred above at that moment was the moon. I didn't have to think about meditating, I just had to be and breath. There is much beauty to behold in the world and I am grateful for every glimpse of it I get.

I've since walked on other paths along this mountain (there are 300km worth of paths just in the Sierra) and I have acquired my own curvy crooked walking stick. My cousin and I are both very open to conceptualizing and philosophical possibilities so we really entertain a myriad of ideas. It's been a while since I've talked so openly about my spiritual beliefs so I've appreciated have someone who also believes that there's magic to be found in the world.

Well I just finished my coffee and my cousin just started juggling tennis balls so I have to go and show him that I've been traveling with real juggling balls the whole trip.

Spoiler alert, Next week Paris

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